Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services does Risk Technology offer?

Risk Technology offers a variety of casino platform solutions and a range of products that you can integrate in packages. In addition to three turn-key options including Sports Solution, Casino Solution and All-In-One Solution, RiskTech also provides a gambling license.

Is the license fee paid only once?

Our license fee is annual. If you want to continue after one year, you need to renew it.

Do you charge any monthly fees?

No. There is no monthly fee.

Do you charge for maintenance?

No. All maintenance and updates are free of charge.

Is it possible to add extra features?

If you think you need a feature other than our existing features, if you contact us, it is possible to add the feature you want to your platform. However, this is subject to an extra fee depending on the nature of the feature you want.

Is it possible to customize our frontend?

We can make any arrangements you want on the frontend. Charges are applied depending on the technical difficulty of the customization and the required time.

Can we integrate a finance or game API other than yours?

Yes, you can. Our system is suitable for such integrations.

Is the RiskTech platform safe?

All segments and features of the RiskTech platform and services are protected by the latest encryption methods and top-notch security measures that keep sensitive information and transactions safe at all times. Our servers are protected by internal and external firewalls, DDoS and other protection systems.

Why should I choose Risk Technology's API integration?

With Risk Technology’s unified API integration, you will get your games as a result of a much more cost-effective and time-saving process than integrating each provider or group of games separately.

Why should I get a license?

In order for the operators of online betting sites to work with leading software providers and payment institutions, their software must be licensed. Also, having licensed software assures your players that they are playing on a fair and safe platform.

Do you charge for consultation?

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for free consultation. Our experienced team members will give you the necessary information on what we can offer you and what are the best solutions for your casino business.